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Polymer Compounding ... Prime, Industrial Quality and Recycled Compounds.

Increasing economic and environmental pressures have caused a change in the way that society and industry think about the plastics used for packaging and manufacturing.

Depending on the requirements of the part and its application, processors and end users now have a wide choice of materials based on the cost – performance behaviour and their environmental credentials (e.g. recycled material content).

Resinex offers a wide range of engineering compounds ranging from prime branded raw materials, through industrial compounds to recycled compounds, from its parent company Ravago, the largest independent compounder in Europe, with a capacity of > 450 kt.

Prime compounds are suited for critical applications with high technical requirements, produced from prime polymers and fillers to give the very best in aesthetics and technical properties, with relatively tight specification tolerances.  Tailor made prime compounds are especially suitable to exactly fit the plastic part requirement.

Recycled compounds can be used for the production of lower specification plastic parts for which the price is paramount, and are produced from post industrial and post consumer plastics feedstock and enjoy a wider tolerance for polymer feedstock raw materials.

Industrial quality compounds bridge the gap between prime and recycled materials.

They are usually used for high demanding, non-aesthetic applications or for the production of general purpose mouldings that require good mechanical properties and where aesthetics are not as critical.

Industrial quality compounds from Ravago are a very interesting alternative of prime compounds for many industry sectors such as automotive, furniture, hand-tools, electrical and lighting etc.

Industrial quality compounds are more environmentally friendly because they limit production of the CO2 connected with production of prime polymers and also offer a lower price.

They are generally manufactured from a mix of prime and post industrial polymer feedstock. These recipes can also be modified on a bespoke basis to optimise the cost performance, even for applications where good aesthetics and mechanical properties are needed.

As a leading European recycling and compounding company, the Ravago group has combined the knowledge of recycling and compounding plastics and invested significant resources into the production of industrial compounds. This combination of expertise led to a wide range of high level engineering compounds that can add value in all kind of industries.

The industrial quality compounds of the Ravago Group are a range of engineering compounds which are available for applications with high demands on mechanical properties.

Thanks to their good mechanical and physical properties, ease of processing and attractive pricing, Ravago industrial engineering compounds can be used in a wide range of applications.

  • Electronic parts
  • Building applications
  • Household appliances
  • Automotive applications.

As an expert in compounding different kind of polymers, the Ravago Group developed an extended range of industrial compounds.

The following polymers are available:

The Ravago industrial quality compound range is primarily available in black and dark colours. Prime compounds are available in all possible colours.