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Kocetal® POM

Producer: Kolon Plastics
Polymer type POM

Kocetal® polyoxymethylene (POM) is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic resin with highly improved thermal stability properties and was jointly developed by Kolon and Toray.

Kocetal® POM refers to polyacetal resin of a copolymer type, and is a material of an excellent quality with features of excellent anti-friction/wear, chemical-resistance, heat-resistance stability, precise dimensions and moulding abilities.

General info

POM Kocetal® is a highly crystalline resin has a great combination of toughness and rigidity. It’s also resistant to fatigue, creep and to abrasion thanks to its self-lubrication properties.

Kocetal® has the following well-known characteristics:

  • Balanced mechanical properties
  • Exceptional fatigue and creep resistance
  • Excellent wear and friction resistance
  • Excellent formability and dimensional stability
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals
  • Superior thermal stability and durability to homo polymers

In addition, Kocetal® POM has the following unique characteristics.

  • Outstanding thermal stability
  • Excellent durability
  • Excellent dimensional precision and formability
  • Stable quality

Typical applications

Due to its relative high strength in combination with good/wear properties and good resilience Kocetal® POM is often used for automotive exterior and interior parts. Like fuel pumps, fuel necks, fuel tank caps, seat slide guides, speaker grills, seat belt buttons and dispenser pumps.

Also it can be used for high-tech machine parts, OA equipment, consumer electronic parts and industrial equipment like laundry fittings, CD changer parts, (printer) gears, springs, toilet bowls, pipe fittings, conveyer belts, zippers, spray nozzles and buckles.


Kolon has a broad portfolio for their Kocetal® POM grades like:

  • High viscosity
    • Kocetal® K100 – for extruded products such as rod, pipe and tube
  • Middle viscosity
    • Kocetal® K300 - general injection moulding products
  • Middle-Low viscosity
    • Kocetal® K500 - general injection moulding products
  • Low viscosity
    • Kocetal® K700 - thin products, improved appearance
  • Very low viscosity
    • Kocetal® K900 - thin products, large products
  • High hardness
    • Kocetal® GF705 - high strength, improved fatigue properties products
    • Kocetal®TC704 - dimensionally accurate products
  • Lubricated
    • Kocetal® TF302 - high speed, high load, wear-resistant products
    • Kocetal® SO301 - low friction, low wear, low noise products
    • Kocetal® LF301 - precision low noise gear products
  • UV resistance
    • Kocetal® WR301 - weather and UV resistant products
  • Conductive
    • Kocetal® CB301 - electrically conductive products
  • Impact resistance
    • Kocetal® UR302 - impact-resistant, flexible products
    • Kocetal® UR304 - impact-resistant, flexible products
  • Low odour
    • Kocetal® K300LO - low odour products, car interior parts
    • Kocetal® WR301LO - low odour products, car interior parts, UV resistance
  • Acid-resistance
    • Kocetal® DS500 - acid resistant, fuel-related parts
  • Drinking water
    • Kocetal® K300PW - drinking water contact products
  • Food contact
    • Kocetal® K300FC - food contact products


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