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Polychim® PP

Producer: Polychim
Polymer type PP compounds

Polychim® is part of the Belgian Beaulieu Group. It produces homopolymers in the vicinity of Dunkirk (FR) using the Unipol® gas-phase process (Dow Chemical Company).

General info

The product range offers materials for different applications such as BCF carpet yarn, fibres, compounding, extrusion and injection moulding.

Material can be delivered in bulk, big bags and 25 kg bags.

Typical applications

Food packaging, pails, crates and boxes, caps and closures, fibres and staple fibres, films, tubes and pipes, sheets and profiles, house wares and consumer goods.


Polychim® PP Grade Overview
GradeMFI EmodApplicationAdditives
Polychim® PP A10FB31700Tape/carpet backing/woven bags
Polychim® PP B10FB121650Fibres/rigid packaging injection moulding
Polychim® PP C10BB251650Fibres BCF
Polychim® PP D10BS251450Fine fibres / injection moulding
Polychim® PP E15IS401400injection mouldingAS
Polychim® PP G10CS151450injection moulding / compounding
Polychim® PP H10TB1.71650Tape
Polychim® PP J30IS501800injection mouldingNU/AS
Polychim® PP K10FS351350Spun bond fibres
Polychim® PP V10FB61650Fibre spinning

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