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Riteflex® TPE-E

Producer: Celanese
Polymer type TPE-E, TPC

Celanese's trading name for their thermoplastic polyester elastomer is Riteflex®.

Riteflex® combines toughness and resilience with excellent resistance to creep, impact, tearing and flexural fatigue. TPE-E Riteflex® perform over a wide temperature range from -40°C to 121°C, have good impact at low temperatures, yet retain functionality at high temperatures.

General info

Riteflex® is a Thermoplastic PolyEster Elastomer (TPE-E) also known as ThermoPlastic Copolyester (TPC), Copolyester Elastomer (COPE) or as Thermoplastic Ester Ether Elastomer (TEEE).

Riteflex® chemical relationship to other members of Celanese's polyester family (PBT) not only gives their temperature resistance but also provides them the excellent chemical resistance of polyesters to common solvents, oils and greases and diluted acids and bases.

Riteflex® TPE-E offers:

  • Full range of Shore D hardness
  • High mechanical strength
  • Flexibility and durability at low temperatures
  • Chemical resistance and retention of properties
  • Tough and resilient
  • Superior electrical properties

Typical Riteflex® applications

The range of properties available from Riteflex® elastomers is reflected in the diversity of applications; hose, tubing, seals, gaskets, belts, pump diaphragms, wire coatings, hooks, fasteners, film, sheet, non-wovens and monofilaments, to name more of the outstanding.


Riteflex® polyester elastomers are available as unreinforced polymers in a wide range of Shore D hardnesses. In general, the harder versions have enhanced heat and chemical resistance, while the softer materials possess good low-temperature mechanical properties. The Riteflex® series runs from Riteflex®425, a TPE-E with hardness of Shore D 25 up until Riteflex® 677, a TPE-E with a hardness of Shore D 77.

Speciality Riteflex® TPE-E products are also available, such as heat-stabilised and/or UV-stabilised grades. Colour formulations can be provided as required for particular applications.