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Producer: DSM
Polymer type PA 4.6

Stanyl® (polyamide 46) is DSM’s heat resistant polyamide. Stanyl® is used in demanding applications in the automotive and electrical and electronics industries, but it also meets many other application requirements.

General info

Stanyl® is an aliphatic polyamide formed by the polycondensation of 1.4-diaminobutane and adipic acid. Although there are similarities between the molecular structure of Stanyl® and that of PA66 or PA6, the higher number of amide groups per given chain length and the more symmetrical chain structure of Stanyl® result in the higher melting temperature of 295°C, a higher crystallinity, and a faster rate of crystallisation.

Impact resistance for different high heat polymers

Molecular structure

Impact resistance for different high heat polymers

Typical properties

Why is PA4.6 Stanyl® so special?

  • due to high amide/methylene ratio: high melt temperature 295°C
  • due to the symmetrical polymer structure:
    • high crystallisation temperature 265°C
    • high crystallisation rate (very fine spherulites) which explains: high toughness level and short cycle times
  • high crystallinity (70-80%) which explains
    • high stiffness above Tg
    • low level of creep above Tg – excellent fatigue properties – good heat resistance
    • excellent abrasion resistance
  • aliphatic structure: good flow

Stanyl®’s excellent properties lead to important advantages for the customer such as cost reduction, longer lifetime, and high reliability.

PA4.6 Stanyl® bridges the gap between conventional engineering plastics such as PA6, PA66, PBT and PET, and exotic materials such as LCP, PPS and PEEK.

Benefits for both moulders and end users include:

  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • 30% productivity increase of moulding equipment
  • Greater design freedom due to the excellent mechanical properties and good mould-flow behaviour
  • Economical, safe and convenient processing due to the use of water-heated moulds
  • No post-treatment due to the absence of flash
  • No retooling necessary when switching from PA6, PA66 or polyesters


Stanyl® Portfolio
Stanyl® GradesNon-reinforcedGF-reinforced% GF
Non-flame retardant (HB or V-2) TW341 TW200F3 15
TW363 TE200F6 30
  TW200F6 30
  TW200F8 40
  TW241F10 50
Flame retardant (V-0) TE350 TE250F6 30
  TE250F8 40
  46HF5040 40
Wear and friction TW371 TW271F6 30


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