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  1. 1. RESINEX Polymer Powders

    Industries > RESINEX Polymer Powders

    …powder) PLA powder (based on biodegradable Ingeo™ biopolymer Poly-Lactic-Acid powder) SAN powder (Styrol-Acryl-Nitril powder) PC powder (Polycarbonate powder) POM powder (Polyacetal-Copo powder) PA 6 powder (Polyamide 6 powder, Nylon 6 powder) Several other polymer powders…

  2. 2. Selenis

    Products > Selenis

    …or polyamide. Selenis Geo benefits: High biological and chemical resistance Sweep fragile road surfaces, such as cobble stone Extended life-span performance Excellent melt strength BONDZ GG 074 & BONDZ GG 174 Copolyester Selenis Bondz GG 074 and Selenis Bondz GG 174 are specifically…

  3. 3. Rilsan Clear

    Products > Rilsan Clear

    …Clear G830 Rnew, the latest innovation in bio based high performance polyamides.PropertiesRilsan® Clear propertiesTransparencyTransparency is critical to most optical applications. At thicknesses of 2 mm, Rilsan® Clear grades are as transparent as other preferred optical materials.The…

  4. 4. Natureworks Ingeo

    Products > Natureworks Ingeo

    …PLA series is available for different processing:Ingeo™ biopolymer PLA 2000 series: extrusion/thermoformingIngeo™ biopolymer PLA 3000 series: injection mouldingIngeo™ biopolymer PLA 4000 series: films and sheetsIngeo™ biopolymer PLA 6000 series: fibres and non-wovensIngeo™ biopolymer…

  5. 5. Rilsan HT

    Products > Rilsan HT

    …mechanical properties with conductivity.BiobasedRilsan® HT fits perfectly into eco-design concepts.PortfolioRilsan® HT portfolio includes:2 extrusion grades: CESV P010 TL and CESV P010 TL-HP. Typical applications: EGR tubing, blow by tubing, oil transport and cooling tubing.2 injection…

  6. 6. Rilsan

    Products > Rilsan

    A unique bio-based, high performance polyamide produced from renewable castor seeds, Rilsan® PA11 provides an outstanding level of versatility, safety and durability for highly technical applications.Widely used in the most demanding markets, Rilsan® PA11 uniquely combines properties like…

  7. 7. Total Petrochemicals

    Producers > Total Petrochemicals

    …Development centers and polymers are constantly renewed and updated.Total Petrochemicals has a participation in the Futerro project which is producing PLA from biomass.In 2011 Total Petrochemicals launched its Lumicene range, a portfolio of PE and PP products based on metallocene catalyst…

  8. 8. Braskem

    Producers > Braskem

    …who started to produce on a world scale unit BIO- PE. This material is made out of sugarcane. The material behaves like normal HDPE but is made from renewable sources. In 2014, Braskem will also start to produce BIO-PP, derived from the same source. Sustainability and global presence is high…

  9. 9. Arkema

    Producers > Arkema

    …This company specialized in the production of bio based performance polymers. The product range contains the long chain polyamides PA 6.10, PA 6.12, PA 10.10 and PA 10.12; all sold under the brand name Hiprolon®. The Hiprolon® product range produced at Suzhou HiPro Polymers completes the…

  10. 10. DSM

    Producers > DSM

    …has a strong strategy regarding sustainability by acting on the following four differentiators: Low or neutral carbon footprint of materials and applications such as weight reduction Bio-based polymers able to perform in critical technical components such as Ecopaxx® Reduction of/Elimination of…

Results found: 27 123 >