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  1. 1. Technical Service and Application Development

    Services > Technical Service and Application Development

    …automotive or E&L industry. Starting from grade selection dependant on customer demand (requirement specification, alternative grade) our technical service supports customers for their projects from product design up to mould design. Injection moulding simulation with several Autodesk®…

  2. 2. Automotive Industry

    Industries > Automotive Industry

    …MAGNUM™ 3904 is a special, high-impact grade for use for impact resistant parts. All MAGNUM™ ABS grades provide outstanding thermal stability during processing, resulting in unprecedented low odour and carbon emission performance. For luxury vehicles with enhanced, low-temperature…

  3. 3. Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry

    Industries > Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry

    …challenging design solutions. The medical grades are tested for biocompatibility and produced according to GMP rules. Grades for medical applications: Arnitel E Series – Copolyester based TPE, Shore D 25 to Shore D 70 ARNITE® PBT Arnite® PBT is the material solution for technical…

  4. 4. Introduction

    …view our facilities and discover more about the services we can offer you. If you want to know what products we offer or download technical datasheets, you'll find information about our grade range on our products and literature page. Alternatively you can view sample images of our standard…

  5. 5. Selenis

    Products > Selenis

    …rail guides Decorative edge trims  CHILIAD SP 650 The Copolyester modified with Glycol; Chiliad SP 650 has been especially developed for extrusion profiles with narrow dimensions and use in tough environment. Chiliad SP 650 has excellent clarity and high gloss in combination with a good…

  6. 6. Arnite

    Products > Arnite

    …    AV2 360 S   FR (V-0 at 0.4 mm)     AV2 365 SN   Advanced Grades Strict Dimensions Tolerance     AV2 370 XT AV2 390 XT Low out-gassing   AV2 340 XL AV2 370 XL AV2 390 XL Extrusion (very high viscosity) A08 100       Arnite® PBT Portfolio Reinforcement (Glass Fibre)020%30%50%…

  7. 7. Fortron

    Products > Fortron

    …is much more comprehensive: Fortron® unfilled grades These grades are available in powder, pellets and crystallised pellets. Normally used in extrusion for fibre, mono- and multi-filaments, films and other extruded items like Fortron® 0205B4, a low melt viscosity PPS powder or Fortron®…

  8. 8. Pebax

    Products > Pebax

    …to the initial state. The hard Pebax® grades lead to the highest remnant deformation. Elastic behaviour of different Pebax® grades Elastic return The hysteresis measurement or energy return can be performed under different solicitations, not only using a tensile cycle test but also…

  9. 9. Sicoflex

    Products > Sicoflex

    …tough, even at low temperatures.Heat-resistant gradesSICOFLEX® heat-resistant grades have been especially developed for applications that can be exposed to high temperatures for long periods. Numerous applications in the automotive industry, but also in appliances require heat-resistance next…

  10. 10. Enflex

    Products > Enflex

    …TPE-O offers:Hardness range from 60 Shore A to 65 Shore DService Temperature: -40 to +120°C (depending on the grade)Low density from 0.9 to 1.1 g/cm3, depending on the formulationVery good surface appearanceEase of processing (no pre-drying is required) and recyclabilityGood UV and weathering…

Results found: 115 123456789101112 >